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Are you researching your family history and don’t know where to start?  Have you hit a brick wall in your research and need some professional help?  Or have you found references to specific documents but can’t get to the depositories to pick them up?  No matter the extent of the help you need, Bloodlines can help.

Bloodlines offers genealogical research services in the New York, Philadelphia, and Trenton area depositories, and periodically schedules research trips to Ireland, England, Germany, Washington, D.C., Salt Lake City, Utah, and other locations.  Bloodlines has year-round access to federal census records for the entire United States, regional emigration, naturalization, and vital records, and key international resources.  Through our periodic research trips, we also can access more obscure sources, including those that have never been microfilmed or published elsewhere.  

** Free Initial Consultation **

To help you sort it all out, Bloodlines offers a free one-hour initial consultation to help determine how or whether Bloodlines can help with your research problem.  We will even suggest research you can do yourself to keep your costs down.  Contact Bloodlines for your free consultation today!

Or, if you already know you need help organizing your research, evaluating your conclusions, and determining where to go from here, find out more about our Review and Recommend service.

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